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Mararoa Weir

The Mararoa Weir Gate refurbishment involved working closley with Brian Perry and Merdian engineers to produce an extra high grade concrete capable of withstanding the force of water/gravel rushing through the dam. The concrete delivered was of 70mpa with high content of micro silica. Due to the small work areas and a tight time frame, this project required extra effort. However Brian Perry went on to win the Contractors Federation Award for this category.

  • Delivering concrete 30km from the plant
  • Special Grade concrete supplied
  • High level of communication and testing with Meridian to ensure a smooth operation
Patching the Tai Ping

When the Tai Ping went aground in Bluff, McGregor Concrete was involved in patching the 2 big holes created. Working with engineers our job was to supply, deliver and fill the voids in the ship and stop any leaking. This enabled the ship to get to Hong Kong for further repairs.

  • Special grade concrete used (50mpa) non shrink
  • Supplying and manning the pumping of the concrete
  • Completed in a short time frame
Manapouri Tiwai Transmission line

McGregors first project was the Manapouri Tiwai Transmission line. We were involved with the supply and delivery of the transmission line over many miles in many tricky locations. The photos say it all.